All about Galaxy S 2 Shipped Modem Collection 2013

Vodafone Australia DUKF4 - GO (CWM Flashable)

Vodafone Australia DUKF4 - GO

Thailand DCKF1 - GO

Telstra Australia DVKF2 - GO

Telecom New Zealand DOKG2- GO

Cellcom Israel JIKJ1 - GO

Pelephone Israel JJKF3 - GO

Cellcom Israel JIKI2 - GO

Pelephone Israel JJKI2 - GO

Thailand DCKL1 - GO

Thailand DCKL1 - GO (CWM flashable)

***New I9100T Modem from Vodafone Australia*** DUKJ1- GO
 Modems collected by others
VEYKA'S MODEM COLLECTION (CWM flashable) (thanks to veyka): GO

KALPIK'S MODEM COLLECTION (CWM flashable) (thanks to kalpik): GO

OBIHOERNCHEN'S MODEM COLLECTION (CWM flashable) (thanks to obihoernchen):

CHRIS264'S MODEM COLLECTION (thanks to chris264): GO

PANGIOTI'S MODEM COLLECTION (thanks to pangiotis24): GO

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