How to solve a contact service step by step With Cyclonebox just here

The sample here is about a contact service which has as cause the simlock error.
This sample is valid for any contact service as well
When asking for help in the forum, is always better post infos and security analyse logs as shown
Lets see the case
a) read the infos of the mobile (Tab common/info on "read info")

Here we can see immediately the mobile has the SP data corrupted but the imei is fine: the mobile must have his imei or any job on it will be only a wasting of time!

b) See the security analyze logs (Just go in the tab bb5/security and on "Security analyze")

We can see well now the problem is only about the simlock in this mobile: to solve it the best way is always the unlock via the RPL method
So we thick "RPL Calculation" and on direct unlock

Simlock now is OK and the mobile should be already out of the CS but to prevent any more problem we go on with the sx4 authorization and writing a good PM 1 and 309: Don't write the full PM of another mobile as you can corrupt the camera configuration and we could have other problems afterward; the best way is to write back again the PM 1 and 309 of our mobile but if you have not experience in doing this you can use a PM 1 and 309 available on the forum or download this  and use the one related to your mobile model

Lets go on doing on SX4 authorize (Tab BB5/security)

Now we got the SX4 authorization to write the PM; Is important to know the Cyclone software, if the superdongle is corrupted, doing on the SX4 authorize rebuild the superdongle as well and fix the issue, all in one .
Lets move immediately in the tab Common/info and with "SX4 bypass" NOT THICKED we on "write PM"

We wrote successfully our good PM: is important to know if you still get error 19 after the successfully SX4 authorization and the software stay a quite long in starting the PM writing, the problem is related to a wrong BSI value used; If you are using an UFC try with a lower BSI value this job or if it is a standard cable and you are using the TMA adapter, reduce a bit the BSI correction (or increase it) until you can write successfully the PM. Obviously you must repeat again the sx4 authorize before any try.
To verify everything is OK we now check the mobile selftest doing on the proper button in the same common/info tab

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