new and new ea 3d cricket games for all version 2012

ea 3d cricket games for all version

Cricket 2010 is by far the best cricket game that I have come across in the last 3 or 4 years of mobile gaming. I have tried almost all sorts of cricket games that are out there for your mobile like Cricket T20/T20, Gully Cricket, Brian Lara Cricket 2007, the Ashes, Kevin Pietersen Pro etc. that are available for the Symbian OS but none of them even comes close to what Cricket 2010 offers. It includes the option to bat, bowl and field on a number of different types of limited over one day cricket matches. All the internationally acclaimed cricket teams like England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada etc. are available to be chosen from as your team.

You can individually control each of your starting 11 players and those who are on the benches. As a batsman you can play all the real life shots that superstars such as Tendulkar, Ponting, Kallis etc plays in a match. Depending on your timing your shots may or may not be successful resulting in a boundary, catch, singles etc. As a bowler you can control the speed, swing and spin of the ball during and before the delivery. There are wides, no balls, leg bye, LBW etc and all other sort of extras that are present in the real life world. As a fielder you will have to control the timing while taking a catch and choose which end to throw a ball when there is a run taking place on the crease.

download EACricket2010-5800-X6-N97-5530-360x640-S60v5

download EACricket10_N70-6681-N72-176x220-S60v2

download EACricket2010-3230-6682-176x208-S60v1

download EACricket2010-6151-6500-5200-128x168-S40

download EACricket2010-E50-5700-5610-N73-6120-240x320-S60v3

download EACricket2010-E60-E70-N80-352x416-S60v3

download EACricket2010-E66-N95-N76-N82-N81-240x320-S60v3

download EACricket2010-E71-E62-E72-E61-320x240-S60v3

download EACricket2010-N91-3250-176x208-S60v3

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