samsung all code press unlock

★★★samsung t209 unlock code ★★★

ok, i found out how to turn the phone locks off. First there is a temporary and a permanent.
1st temp. put this number in the keypad
*2767*3855# let it reboot(restart)
now its ready for permanent. The code is here in the thread, but i will post anyway.
AND THEN *#7465625# to check the locks....all locks are inactive...these are all the locks...
network lock - inactive
subset lock - inactive
sp lock - inactive
cp lock - inactive
sim lock - inactive
activa lock - inactive
phone lock - inactive
auto network - inactive
auto subset lock - inactive
auto sp lock - inactive
auto cp lock - inactive
auto sim lock - inactive
It worked on my phone and i am very gratefull to those who are much mor savvy than me.

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