HTC HD 2 Unlock Code Express Method (T-Mobile USA Only) update here

Product Description

Fastest Unlock Code service available for the T-Mobile HTC Touch HD 2 (Unlocks all NEW SECURITY T-Mobile HTC Touch HD 2 only). Being that this is a newley released device that uses T-Mobiles New Security, please allow 1-4  hours for the code. If you have tried other unlock code services and have recieved 'Not Found' Codes, use this method to generate the working code.  T Mobile USA  has changed the factory unlock codes of the HTC HD2 to their own unlock codes, therefore, T-Mobile HD2 unlock codes are retrieved from T Mobile USA and due to server access limitations the process may take up to 4 hours but usually within 1hours. USE THIS METHOD IF YOUR HTC HD2 IS NEW SECURITY - NEW SECURITY IMEI EXAMPLE (35777XXXXXXXXXXXX) if your IMEI starts with 35777 or 35177 you must use this method. If you are not sure your device is compatible, email us at

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