AndroidLock XT

AndroidLock XT is an enhanced version of AndroidLock with the following features:
Customizable appearance and themes
Enable/Disable switch
Tap/Slide to unlock (AndroidLock is minimized)
Compatible with LockCalendar, LockInfo and Cydgets

Max attempts limit
Emergency call
Can be set to require pattern only after some time
iPhone (iOS 4.0 +/iOS 5.0 +)
iPod touch (iOS 4.0 +/iOS 5.0 +)
iPad (iOS 4.0 +/iOS 5.0 +)
AndroidLock provides an alternative way to unlock your phone.
It is enough secure for most users but if security is critical for your needs then you should use the standard Passcode.
To create your own themes, see the “Theme creation guide” in
What is New : V 2.4
- iOS 5 support
- Improved graphics on retina displays
Screenshots [COLOR=**A5A5A5][Click to zoom in][/COLOR]

Installation and Download
1- AndroidLock XT Free (Install with Cydia)
- Available for free in the following sources:
  • HackYouriPhone
  • Insanelyi Source
. . for sources addresses, Visit *gt;*gt; iPadOS Cydia Sources List
2- AndroidLock XT Free (Download .deb)
Version 2.4
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