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30 March 2016

Any Android-For Remove Virus apps From All the Rooted Devices

Any Android-For Remove Virus apps From All the Rooted Devices 
Note: Before Continue Yur Device must be rooted and usb debugging enabled.

* Adb Driver Download From Here

* Extract adb driver, In that folder hold shift key + Right Click to Open Command window here

* Run Below Given command to Confirm whether your device is being detected or not and If detected it will
show as below given in the picture.

adb devices

* These are the Common app paths in the Android Phones.
* To get the installed apps list run below given Commands it will export your installed apps list
in text format to your pc.

 adb shell su -c ls /data/data/ > data.txt
 adb shell su -c ls /data/app/ > app.txt
 adb shell su -c ls /data/app-private/ > priv.txt
 adb shell su -c ls /system/app/ > systemapp.txt
 adb shell su -c ls /system/priv-app/ > systempriv.txt
. ___________________________________________

* After Running these commands if you check your adb folder there you can find thse txt files
as below given in the picture.

* Open the txt file with notepad you will get a full list of your apps as below given in the picture.

* After Checking the apps list if you find any suspicious app names jus delete it using below
given commands.

* Before running command note the given picture once.

* To delete an apk file, for an example the command should be
adb shell su -c rm /system/app/AllshareMediaShare.apk
* To delete an apk Folder, for an example the command should be.
adb shell su -c rm -rf /system/app/AssistantMenu_M
* After complete reboot your Device.

To mass Delete by a single Click:

* Open the app list text file

* Remove all normal apps except virus apps like below given in the picture.

* Then in notepad goto file / select save as / save as type = All Files

* Give any name for example appremove then add".bat"extension and save."appremove.bat"

* Now simply double click to run the bat file from the adb folder to remove apps.

* After done reboot your device.
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